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The importance of the role of a Trustee…

Be in the know and find out what encompasses the role of a Trustee and the importance of their role in the community. The role is not clearly understood so here is some information to give you a greater understanding.

The Trustee role is multi-faceted. For a more in depth information, click on the following links;

2018 Ontario Municipal & School Board Elections

Education Act

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In York Region, twelve Trustees are elected representatives for their electoral area and are the community advocates for quality public education and student achievement and well-being. A Trustee is responsible to identify the needs of the community and must take this into consideration with their decision making.

Trustees are required to carry out their responsibilities for the board to fulfill its duties under the Education Act. They monitor the effectiveness of the Board and its programs, they are responsible for the governance and oversight of the York Region District School Board. Through the voice of the community they shape policy, programming and monitor the performance of the Director of Education, keeping student success a positive outcome.