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Strong Education is the foundation 

for our future….

As a current Trustee of the York Region District School Board, I am very committed to servicing my communities of Vaughan Wards 3 and 4. I am a very passionate individual, with a vision. I am an advocate for a strong public education that will enrich the learning and promote student achievement and well-being. Every student matters!


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As a current Trustee of the York Region District School Board, I have developed a deep understanding of governance, policy direction as well as the delivery of effective programs, and how that is shaped to the needs of the communities. I will continue to engage, utilize my skills and knowledge to ensure all students receive a strong education.

I am extremely proud of being instrumental in the development of the Board’s new Multi-Year Strategic Plan. This plan includes strategic priorities and goals, reviewed annually, operationalized by the Director and is monitored by the outcome of student success. I will remain instrumental, shaping this plan to the needs of all students.

As a Trustee, I am responsible for the stewardship of Board resources, including the funding of a 1.5 billion dollar budget, allocating resources to ensure equitable outcomes for all students. I continue to be responsible and transparent, keeping all students at the focal point of my decision making.

As a community leader, student, parent and community engagement is important to me. My priority is to build and maintain positive and respectful relationships with my constituents and make the time to listen. My door is always opened.

Trustees have one employee and that is the Director of Education. It is our responsibility to benchmark the performance of the Director of Education against the Multi-Year Strategic Plan for a positive outcome for all students.

A support system for our children is important to me as this is how we raise students to be successful. My own directive is to continue to engage deeper in my area of responsibility, accountability and deliver transparency.

Every Student Matters!